Education, Leadership, Bureaucracy

Works Cited

Dittrich, Klaus. “The Beginnings of Modern Education in Korea, 1883–1910.” Paedagogica Historica, vol. 50, no. 3, June 2014, pp. 265-284. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/00309230.2013.839723.

Gives an overview of attempts by Koreans to modernize educational institutions as unequal treaties encroached on independence before Japanese colonization.  Asks what Koreans meant by “modern” or “new” education.

LI, YINGSHUN. “A Comparative Study of Practical Learning in China and Korea during the Seventeenth and the Mid-Nineteenth Centuries.” Chinese Studies in History, vol. 44, no. 4, Summer2011, pp. 64-78. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2753/CSH0009-4633440404.

Compares and contrasts development of Chinese and Korean Practical Learning movements in the 17th and 18th centuries under the influence of their respective differing cultures.

Korean Study of Confucian Classics

Traditional Korean Literature

Gwageo on Wikipedia

Education in the Joseon Dynasty on Wikipedia


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